Hazy Autumn Peak District Sunset

Autumn Moorland Sunset - Peak District Landscape art for sale


I could draw (and walk) these hills and moorlands all day.

Digital illustration of a distant hillside catching the late autumn sun. Burnt orange tones of bracken and moorland grasses dominate the foreground, where you can just make out the last flecks of purple heather. Two crows circle in the sky above. Inspired by the beautiful upland landscapes of the Dark Peak area of the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire.

Limited edition prints of this will be available soon, I’m just checking out some print services. In the meantime you can get open editions and all the usual clothing and homewares on Redbubble!

March 2017 desktop calendar

March 2017 desktop calendar - free download

Here it is – your free March 2017 desktop calendar download. It’s a muted version of my Hathersage Moor digital painting, the original version of which is available on my RedBubble and Society6.

As before, click/tap on the image to view full size then right click or tap to save. I’ve moved the calendar top right because I found it was getting in my way bottom right. It won’t work as well for phone wallpaper but I guess the calendar part isn’t much use for phone wallpaper anyway? Let me know, I can move it again (top left?) for April :D


Dark Forest Illustration

Dark Forest illustration by Sian Hughes


Andy sometimes lets me have a go on his iPad. This is excellent fun because I get to digitally fling ink around without getting real ink all over everything, which is what always happens when I physically fling ink around (see previous posts).

Plus I can draw things and upload them onto print-on-demand websites really easily. You can now buy this spooky Dark Forest illustration on various Stuff*, if you want.
*Stuff includes, but is not limited to: art prints, cards, homewares, t-shirts, clothing, stationery, bags, cases and skins!

Two of my favourites are the Dark Forest Hardcover notebook and Dark Forest mug. Might have to buy myself a couple of these :D

Perhaps you could use this case to camouflage your phone when taking photos of wildlife in the woods at dusk?screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-14-25-26

Sorry for the weird prices if you’re not in the US by the way, they’re set in US$ (probably) and automatically converted to GBP£.

Let me know if you buy any – please, please send me a photo of you drinking from your Dark Forest Travel Mug or out and about in your Dark Forest Miniskirt (Anyone?! Haha, brilliant).

Society6 seems easier to navigate and has some more interesting products, but my margins are higher on Redbubble. Slightly different products and prices on each anyway, but have a look at both and see what you think:

RedBubble Shop
Society6 Shop

If you’re looking for drawing app recommendations and are wondering which one I used to make my Dark Woodland illustration, I used my favourite: Procreate.

As always, buy original art and cards direct from me at https://folksy.com/shops/siansburys

Two or three seasons in one day

Moorland birch trees gouache sketch by Sian Hughes

Just a couple of quick gouache sketches that were inspired by a weather-filled walk on Hathersage Moor this winter. The wind was wild, moving the swirly-whirly clouds along so quickly and allowing the sun to peek out and do its reflection-y thing again here and there, it was wonderful. I didn’t get rained on either, which was a bonus.

The Henrys’ House portrait

House Portrait original painting commission by Sian Hughes Art, Sheffield

House Portrait original painting commission by Sian Hughes Art, SheffieldHouse Portrait painting commission by Sian Hughes Art, Sheffield

A recent commission I did for some friends – two A5 pen and watercolour sketches showing the front and back of of their completed house renovation in Sheffield.

As the front and the back of the house are very different, I opted to keep the colour application really simple to make sure the two paintings were stylistically very similar and obviously a pair.

Hazy January Sunshine at Higger Tor and free February Desktop Wallpaper Calendar thing

Carl Wark from Higger Tor painting by Sian Hughes

Scroll to the bottom for the free Desktop Wallpaper Calendar thingy!Carl Wark from Higger Tor Burbage, Peak District, by Sian HughesHathersage Moor from Higger Tor Burbage, Peak District, by Sian HughesOver Owler Tor from Higger Tor Burbage, Peak District, by Sian Hughes

The moors are beautiful on days like this. I mean, they’re beautiful always, but cold, bleak and hazy is one of my favourites. Colours begin so muted that they’re almost imperceptible. As the fog starts to lift, the odd flash of sunlight breaks through and bounces off silvery pools of water that have formed in dips in the gritstone. Then suddenly the cloud clears, the sun comes out and everything is glorious technicolour (well, still mostly grey and brown).

I was there with an outdoor playgroup, ushering/carrying my small person and a bag full of snacks rather than any drawing equipment, so I couldn’t sketch on-site this time. Cool playgroup though, hey?

Braved getting my paints out later while he slept. Tried to creep around and not wake him up. Got paint all over my keyboard. Didn’t swear. Managed a quick gouache and charcoal sketch based on my photos.
Carl Wark from Higger Tor Burbage, original Peak District sketch painting by Sian Hughes

I’ve made it into a Desktop Wallpaper/calendar thing! Do people even use those? View and download it for free here anyway (click on image to view full size then right click and save):Peak District sketch February desktop wallpaper calendar, free download, by Sian Hughes
Let me know if you use it and if it’s any good and I might make more.